New Year and a new challenge

The MSc nursing is two years long, and that is a pretty full-on two years. Breaking that down it equates to 104 weeks, minus 6 weeks a year for holiday leaving a grand total of 92 weeks of training. 450 hours of evidenced prior relevant experience plus an additional 1850 hours to be made up […]

grabbed by the corona’s.

November 4th 2020, and I am in day ten of isolation. And why is that you may ask as if you didn’t already suspect? Well here is what’s been happening over the last two weeks. Starting an MSc in nursing during a global pandemic is perhaps to the normal thinking person, not something to be […]

Needles, Musk and a Princess

Three weeks in and the training wheels are most definitely off, in a theoretical sense at least. Week one was an introduction to the university, the resources and the faculty. Week two was getting to grips with the software and the delivery systems, an overview of the course, and our first toe dip into lectures […]