New Year and a new challenge

The MSc nursing is two years long, and that is a pretty full-on two years. Breaking that down it equates to 104 weeks, minus 6 weeks a year for holiday leaving a grand total of 92 weeks of training. 450 hours of evidenced prior relevant experience plus an additional 1850 hours to be made up on placements equating to a grand total of 2300 practice hours. All of this means 3 weeks of induction, 38 weeks of placement, 9 weeks of simulation, 31 weeks of theory, 5 weeks of assessment, 6 consolidation block weeks of independent study and 12 weeks of holiday. Then hopefully graduation. 😊

Today marks the beginning of the 17th week into my course, meaning only 77 weeks of training remain. Yes, I have been doing a lot of sums this morning, I just like to be organised.

So Christmas went by with little drama. That was as good to be hoped for considering the world is still in the grips of a pandemic. Some of the highest figures recorded in the UK for new cases and death related to Covid-19. It’s in everyone’s thoughts, id imagine. Although schools reopen tomorrow, and I head back to university this week. It’s the start of a new year and the start of a new module. This time its ‘the nursing professional’. How to be a nurse and all the skills required. This is our first branch specific module, and so we are all split up into our little cohorts, with the tease of our first placements getting ever closer. This module ends in 7 weeks with another essay, and our first presentation and oral defence. Not something I’m looking forward to, but then I don’t imagine many do. I’m still awaiting my first essay grades back, and fortunately the A&P exam was postponed until February. That gives me a little more time to revise. It is however hot on the heels of the first medical calculations exam, so lots to think about.

For those of you wondering what the timetable is like for a MSc nursing course, here is the lowdown from my experience.

Induction week was a full week of online talks, q&a’s, and general getting to know the systems and faces. This was all done online due to COVID-19.

The first 2 modules ran simultaneously, The developing nurse and practice assessment part one. These two modules provide you with a foundation in everything nursing, from history to basic anatomy and physiology. These ran for 7 weeks with a consolidation week in the middle. At the end of these were an essay and an exam. These weeks were roughly laid out as 3 days’ worth of lectures and tutorials and the rest of the week was self-guided study. This may not sound much but do not underestimate the amount of work this actually accounted for. The self-guided study is a huge part of the learning and something you need to get to grips with very quickly or you will fall behind. You will need all those study days to keep on top of stuff. I worked full time on a Saturday, which was my only respite from uni work. On most days I would spend between 6 and 11 hours studying. We also had a further 5 weeks of simulated practice, again due to COVID-19. These simulation weeks were a full 5 days a week of lectures and tutorials, most of which were online. We went in one day a week for face-to-face lectures. If not for COVID-19, this time would have been spent entirely in university. These weeks included an extensive selection of mandatory skills training, everything from abuse awareness, to confidentiality and cyber-crime, again you are kept very, very busy.

The post-Christmas schedule so far is two full days of lectures and the rest self-guided study. Its just day one of the new year, but I am anticipating an even more intense schedule than last year. These next few months also marks the start of my first placement. These are yet to be confirmed, again you guessed it, due to covid-19.

So that kind of breaks down the schedule for schooling. If you want to know any more details about how it all works, you can always contact me. I’m happy to chat.

All the best, and a happy new year,


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